The goals of the Water and Geotechnical Research Association (WAGRA), through its adopted objectives and resolution is to:

  • Promote research and technical investigation in the fields of water and geotechnics in Afghanistan and the region.
  • Improve management and control of water resources through scientific studies and research in this field.
  • Create the ground for cooperation and expanding trust, commitment, expertise and increasing knowledge among experts in the field of water resources and geotechnics.
  • To improve the scientific and research capacity of engineers in the field of water resources and geotechnics by creating scientific and educational workshops and publishing scientific and research articles.
  • Identify the problems threatening water resources and managing them by conducting research activities and launching scientific seminars
  • Raise the level of public awareness of the importance of management and optimal use of water resources by creating educational and scientific workshops.
  • Efforts for technical independence in the field of water resources management and geotechnical engineering from other countries.